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 Life and Times of my Baja

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Basher Newb
Basher Newb

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PostSubject: Life and Times of my Baja   Wed May 06, 2009 8:12 am

So i was looking at pics of my baja and decided to show you the transformation that it has gone from since i got it. here we go...

Thats what it looked like when i got it from Bamasavage. (Thanks Phil i love this thing.) Sure looked good back then.

That was a few weeks before Bashsfest '08 looking all nice and clean.
But then Came that dreadful sunday afternoon. The sun was shining the warm breeze blowing and that HUGE HUGE jump that the savage guys were hitting.
Well needless to say i was a lil envous of them so i decided it was my turn to be the "WOW LOOK AT THAT GUY!!!" guy. so i headed back way back to the fence to get a good run at the HUGE jump. Full tilt i go heading for it faster and faster the baja goes and just as i reach the bottom of the jump i start thinking man these thing are kinda like lawn darts when you jump them? what the hell was i thinking?
But buy this time it was to late to turn back not with ..G.. and Chaos and all the other guys watching. not to mention i was on the ramp now. well like you would think the baja hit the ramp and man did it get some air. and just like i thought and your thinking ..............................

So here we are a new bashing year and well here is the new and improved Baja 5B with new Chassis.

Did i learn a lesson from all this you ask?
Yes yes i did....... If you wanna play lawn darts don't do it with a baja
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Basher Newb
Basher Newb

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PostSubject: Re: Life and Times of my Baja   Sun May 10, 2009 12:33 pm

nice looking man RC 2
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Life and Times of my Baja
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